A Partnership of Imperfect People

partnership of imperfect people.png

Creating solutions to complex problems requires a diverse team of united people. As people who love the Bible, we’re united by our imperfection.



Perhaps the biggest barrier to people’s consideration of the Bible is… well, people. Ironic, eh?

Mistrust of people who promote the Christian faith and present an air of perfection, while being clearly - and sometimes spectacularly - imperfect are the single biggest barrier to Bible consideration. Even more ironic is that the fact that our very imperfection is what makes the Bible so unique and appealing–it is a story for imperfect people, about imperfect people, who are loved and saved by a perfect God.

How attractive would it be if more people demonstrated exactly that in our relationships, our creations, our words, and our actions? That’s what this coalition–this partnership of imperfect people–is being formed to encourage and promote.

Annie Chase