Changing Perception of the Bible in America

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The Bible is misunderstood for a number of unnecessary reasons. Somebody should fix that. Why not us?



We’ve done a lot of research over the last 6 years, and the results are eye-opening. Here’s a confirmed misperception to consider: People widely believe that if they read the Bible, they will feel bad about themselves or the people they love. Here’s a few more: They think the Bible is anti-women, anti-gay, supports racial oppression, contradicts itself and science, and is just too complex to understand.

These misperceptions are fueled by major cultural, historical, and religious barriers that simply make the Bible seem way too intimidating for people to overcome. Add to it that the vast majority of Bible resources online assume the reader already believes and is there to “study,” and there’s no doubt it’s easier to turn to Google than the Bible when faced with solving life’s problems.

The truly unfortunate part is that all of these factors add up to a perception that keeps more and more people from even considering what the Bible narrative has to offer them. It’s certainly true that the Bible can be a difficult book to grasp, but we can’t allow misperception to keep curious people from trying. If we can positively change perception, we will serve a restless America with a valuable option to make their lives meaningfully better.

Annie Chase