Collaborating to Break Down Barriers


If lack of appeal in projects related to the Bible narrative is a barrier, then partnering with people who can conceive, execute, and deliver projects that break that barrier down is mission critical for this coalition.



We need creators, investors, amplifiers, and prayer champions to come together in unprecedented collaboration. 

From filmmakers to educators to entrepreneurs, we know there are many passionate, talented people out there who want to see our culture take a turn when engaging with the Bible. It is our desire to gather these unique and gifted individuals and help consumers experience the Bible in new and relevant ways through creative projects that activate exploration of the Bible.

One of the partners involved with The Look Inside Collective is The Bible Project. This creative ministry based out of Portland, Oregon, produces short-form, fully animated videos to make the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere. The videos are funny, engaging, and insightful, appealing to those who do and don’t already believe in the Bible. We see partners like The Bible Project as a practical way to achieve mutual goals, in this case helping to positively change the perception of the Bible.

Annie Chase