Exploration for the Open-Minded


Have you ever looked around the web for Bible info that a) doesn’t assume you already believe it’s true, or b) tries to convince you that it is?



There are many excellent tools to study the Bible online, but nowhere for curious people to explore while being given the respect to decide what they think for themselves. We’re changing that with Look Inside.

Unfortunately, most Bible websites and applications make the assumption that people already have a knowledge of the Bible or already believe the Bible is true, which is a tragedy because it’s not typically the case. We know that, statistically, more and more people aren’t engaging with the Bible in a meaningful way, as we live in a secular world that is “disenchanted.” Look Inside knows and understands our cultural situation and goes the extra mile to make sure its content is simple and accessible to anyone.

“What is the Bible?” “How do I read the Bible?” “What does the Bible say about sex?” Look Inside is designed in a way that individuals can easily find the answers to their many questions about the Bible. These questions are answered in a way that is clear, concise, and conscious of the fact that readers might not believe the Bible or know much about it. Look Inside will continue to be updated with new features and content, making the Bible feel less complex.

Annie Chase