Making Sense of Everything

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Everyone is searching for a story that makes sense of their life.



We believe the Bible holds that story–offering an open invitation to a fuller life, that all people deserve to consider without the barriers of misperception, complexity, unappealing experiences, and mistrust. We believe things can be better and that the Bible narrative can contribute to that.

Part of our work is evaluating how we got to this point. The cultural shifts that have led us down this road, specific instances where these four problems became apparent, and how we as Christians have failed to approach the rest of the world with humility and honesty. This is the difficult part: being honest with ourselves about how we have contributed to these four problems.

But we must also look forward and imagine the impact it would have on our culture if 100 million people engaged with the Bible, if we could somehow overcome this four-part problem, and introduce people to the fuller life the Bible has to offer. Imagine what would happen if 100 million people in the United States dedicated themselves to concepts like forgiveness, reconciliation, love, peace, and kindness?

The Bible still has power to change our culture for the better. We should to help people rediscover it.

Annie Chase