Project Magellan Explained


Curious people think things can be better, but when it comes to the Bible as a potential source for contributing to that, people are turned off in four significant ways.



Officially, this work began almost 3 years ago under what was then called "Project Magellan." However, this was always meant to be a collective-driven initiative to positively change perception and activate new exploration of the Bible.

What does that really mean, right? It’s a good question, so we made a film about it that’s a good bit more fun than reading this paragraph. But if you must, here’s the lowdown in a nutshell:

People increasingly dismiss the Bible as a potential source for making things in their life better because of misperception, complexity, lack of appeal, and mistrust. A four-part problem that requires an innovative four-part solution. This project, and this coalition, have been formed to figure out exactly that - and we’ve got some really good stuff going.

Check out the film to get the full picture and explore the rest of this site to learn how you can join us.

Annie Chase