Telling the Better Story

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Stories are powerful and formative, and they are all around us—in the movies and TV shows we watch, the songs and podcasts we hear, the lives that we observe day in and day out.



On our social media feeds, and in our advertisements, the narratives of our culture are shaping the way we see and interact in the world—they are literally changing our lives. As one writer said, “Whoever tells the best story wins.” And upon spending some time on Netflix or iTunes, it’s easy to see how the stories of our culture are incomplete when it comes to fulfilling our deepest desires.

We are aiming for 100M Americans actively engaged in the Bible by 2026.
— Dr. Roy Peterson

Unfortunately, when it comes to projects around the Bible, our stories haven’t been good enough either. Despite the hope and possibilities within it, the Bible has lost its luster as a narrative and a brand. Yet we believe that brand can be redeemed—and that’s the heart of this project. We desire to break down barriers, allowing people to decide for themselves whether the Bible will help things get better in their lives and in our world. The solution begins with positively changing perception and activating exploration of the Bible - and we plan to achieve that goal in four ways that will form a better story: world class advertising, an online hub of intriguing information, partner projects across all channels of culture, and a compelling brand that delivers the life-changing invitation of God’s Word with respect and humility.

Annie Chase