The 4-Part Problem

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Over the last 7 years, we have accumulated more research on people's perceptions and behaviors around the Bible than anyone else in history.



What we've found from our research is that problem consists of 4 parts, that together keep people from engaging with the Scriptures in more meaningful ways:


Research says that many people tend to see the Bible as an archaic text with rules and laws that are harsh, judgmental, and impossible to follow. They also believe the Bible is behind the times when it comes to contemporary social issues like race, gender, and sexuality, not to mention the theories of modern science.


There are large swaths of men and women interested in reading and learning more about the Bible, but they simply don’t know where to start. Whether it’s the thousands of pages or the extensive genealogies with names impossible to pronounce, research confirms that many people find the Bible to be overly complex.


Though Christian publishing and entertainment functions as a multi-billion dollar industry, it draws little attention from popular culture. Many people look at faith-based movies and music as irrelevant, inauthentic, or out of touch. People believe the Bible is unappealing, not solely because of the Bible itself, but largely because of the projects inspired from it.


Based on the latest research, a large number of people don’t trust the Bible because they don’t trust Christians. From bad personal experiences to popular pastors committing moral failures to some dark history of the Church, Christians haven’t always cultivated the best of reputations. This reputation has turned a large population away from the Bible.

Annie Chase