The 4-Part Solution


Here’s the good news. Despite the misperceptions, there are still 155M curious Americans who believe things in their lives can be better.



Together, a collective of people and organizations who believe the Bible is an open invitation to a dramatically fuller life have come together to launch a 4-part solution that strategically aims to address the problems curious people have with the Scriptures:


Can advertising really impact people’s perception of the Bible? If it’s insightful, expertly executed, and backed by a sophisticated digital media plan that delivers it at the right time to the right people it certainly can. And it will. Because we have the best partner in the business on board as a founding coalition member.


Have you ever looked around the web for Bible info that a) doesn’t assume you already believe it’s true, or b) tries to convince you that it is? There are many excellent tools to study the Bible online, but nowhere for curious people to explore while being given the respect to decide what they think for themselves. We’re changing that with Look Inside.


If lack of appeal in projects related to the Bible narrative is a barrier, then partnering with people who can conceive, execute, and deliver projects that break that barrier down is mission critical for this coalition. We need creators, investors, amplifiers, and prayer champions to come together in unprecedented collaboration.


It’s been said that products are things that people buy, but brands are things that people buy into—and great brands are built on consistency and trust. Can the Bible be viewed as a brand? We think it can, and we think the advertising, online hub, and partner projects born of this coalition can help cultivate a fresh perception and renewed trust in the Bible brand, and the invitation to a fuller life that it promises.

Annie Chase