Truth in Advertising

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People don’t like ads. What will make this one any different?



That’s what it says at the top of every one of our agency creative briefs. It’s an important daily reminder to us, and it’s generally true. People don’t like ads, or more specifically they like to believe that they don’t work. Naturally, people want to believe they’re above the swaying power of advertising, but our experience is more nuanced than that. Ads that are in service of a genuine consumer want or need, and ads that are built around an insightful truth are extremely effective and often moving. Particularly when the creative approach to delivering the message is remarkable.

We exist for one reason: to endear brands to people. Endearing a brand to consumers requires creativity that works–and works consistently–at every point of contact. We believe a brand is a promise. Yeah, it’s a simple idea, but that’s the point. Our goal as an agency, and as a coalition member, is to advance an honest and insightful brand that surprises people, compels them to rethink their perceptions, and invites them to explore the promise of the Bible through a new lens.

- The Richards Group

Annie Chase