Businesses used to run on hunches.

A car dealer put red cars out front to attract buyers, because it seemed to make sense. A magazine (remember those?) covered topics the editor found interesting. A breakfast cereal would be named after an exec’s pet turtle.

Times have changed. Companies have learned to examine those hunches. Customer surveys, focus groups, and beta testing have become essential, creating volumes of data about the marketplace.

But raw information isn’t enough. Business leaders look for the story within the numbers. They want insights, supported by the data, that will help their company get out in front of their competition.

Data ---------------> Insights --------------> Practical Solutions -------------> Success

Now we know that a church is much more than a business, but we do see a connection. Ministry success looks different from business success, but it still requires leaders to come up with practical solutions to a host of challenges. Like a business, the church deals with people. And effective ministry is built on a deep understanding of those people.

We believe church leaders like you need ministry insights, supported by data, that lead to practical solutions that you can use in your church and community.

American Bible Society has been studying the millions upon millions of people in the U.S. who are open to the Bible (we call them “curious”). They have questions—and we’ve been tracking their Bible searches. They have problems—and we’ve held focus groups to listen to them. They have particular tastes in media and format and subject matter, and we’ve been paying attention.

These people are in your neighborhood, even in your church. Amazingly, technology enables us to generate geographically specific reports. We’re not just reporting on trends in America; we can tell you about the people in your city, perhaps even in your community. And we’re tapping experts to sort through the data for ministry insights.

But that’s where we need your help.

You know your community in ways we can’t. You know your ministry. You know what’s been tried before. You have, as they say, “boots on the ground.” So we’d like to work with you in discovering those ministry insights that will drive us all toward practical solutions to the many needs we face.


Justin Taylor